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Sports Injuries

If carried out correctly and with care, weight lifting can actually be beneficial to your back especially as a method of pain prevention or as an aid to improve post-injury rehabilitation. Safe training can ensure that your weight lifting workout is free of any muscle pain or other injuries.

It is imperative to warm-up before beginning your workout. Stretching muscles and increasing your body temperature constitutes a good warm-up and will play a role in preventing injuries to cold muscles. With weight training, it can be quite easy to exacerbate an existing injury or to cause a new one.

When starting out with weight lifting, it is best to work with a qualified trainer who can advise you on how to use the equipment properly. This gives you a better chance of avoiding injury as misuse of weights can cause major stress to the body. Rather start off slowly and build your strength up progressively. Too much too soon will only cause harm. In the beginning, focus on lighter weights slowly building up to something a little heavier and only increasing your workout time when you're physically strong enough to do so. It's best not to push too hard when starting out with weights. Another important factor to take into account is maintaining a good posture during your workout. To this end, working closely with a qualified trainer, along with your chiropractor, will ensure a healthy, strengthening weight workout that can only be beneficial to you.

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